The Silent Battle 

“The Silent Battle” As we travel the country we witness firsthand the struggles of our returning combat veterans coping with post traumatic stress and the
loss of their brothers and sisters in combat and at home.

Survivor guilt, grief and trauma often runs deeper than words. Art reaches the recesses of the heart and creates the connections that
can break the cycle of pain.

The life sized bronze sculpture depicts a grieving warrior cradling the dog tag of his friend. We encourage visitors to touch and interact with the sculpture in whatever way their heart desires. Before and after each event, the bronze is ritually cleaned and prepared to become a conduit for healing, transformation and restoration.


Silent Battle was created to recognize the struggles that some veterans have when they return home from service. This battle is real for the veterans and their families. The bronze reminds us that we are not alone in our struggle.


We humbly ask our visitors to charge the sculpture with their loving touch to leave love and healing if they have extra so that those who need it can receive. We also have blank dog tags available for visitors to write the name of their loved one who may be struggling with post traumatic stress. These tags are left with the sculpture and travel with Silent Battle. The bronze is now sitting in a sea of tags.


Recognizing the Veteran is not alone is just the first step towards healing. The next step is to seek help. Many opportunities are available to help facilitate healing. Resources are below. Please reach out. 


Silent Battle Testimony

"As a veteran who has battled with PTS, anxiety, depression, and survived suicide, my first encounter with Eyes of Freedom and 'The Silent Battle' was a pivotal moment in my life. At that time, I felt like I was adrift in a sea of despair, relying on medication and my loyal service dog, Maddy, to navigate each day. But when I experienced the exhibition and met the incredible team behind Eyes of Freedom, including Anita Miller, Mike Strahle, Sean Flaharty, and the rest of the dedicated members I haven't had the privilege of meeting, my perspective shifted dramatically.

 Each member of the Eyes of Freedom team, whether they are artists, staff members, or part of The Silent Battle team, plays a vital role in fostering understanding, support, and healing for veterans like myself. While I haven't personally met everyone, their collective dedication and passion shine through in their work. They are the driving force behind bringing 'The Silent Battle' to communities across the country, initiating the tough conversations that are crucial for the well-being of our fellow veterans.

 The Silent Battle is not just an exhibition; it is a catalyst for change. It has the power to ignite conversations that society often shies away from. By shedding light on the invisible struggles faced by veterans, it paves the way for empathy, understanding, and increased support. It encourages us to confront the difficult realities and challenges that our military heroes endure long after their service ends.

 The Silent Battle team, alongside the rest of the Eyes of Freedom team, are the champions of these tough conversations. They understand that by speaking openly about mental health, PTS, anxiety, depression, and other invisible wounds, we can break the stigma and create an environment where healing can flourish. They recognize the importance of creating spaces that embrace vulnerability and foster genuine connections.

 I wholeheartedly support The Silent Battle as a key talking point that needs to be brought to communities across the country. It is through these conversations that we can truly support our fellow veterans and ensure that their voices are heard. The Silent Battle has the power to change lives, to save lives, and to remind us all of the sacrifices made by our military community.

 To the Eyes of Freedom team, including Anita, Mike, Sean, and the entire group of dedicated individuals who make this work possible, I extend my deepest gratitude. Your commitment, compassion, and unwavering support are shaping the lives of veterans like myself and sparking crucial conversations that need to be had. Together, we can create a society that cherishes and supports our heroes.

 Let us continue to stand together, spreading the message of The Silent Battle far and wide, so that no veteran feels alone or unheard. Through our collective efforts, we can build a future where every veteran receives the understanding, support, and care they deserve."

Caleb A. Lindsay E-4 Specialist; United States Army

Many opportunities are available to help facilitate healing...