University of South Alabama January on 17th – 20th in Mobile, Alabama

May 20, 2017 4:02 pm Published by

 Our year started off with a visit to the University of South Alabama. We left the chilly climate of Ohio and were not only welcomed by warmer temperatures, but the students at the college welcomed us in a warm way by taking the time to learn about what we do and spent a lot of time with the exhibit. We debuted a brand new audio tour (read more about this below) and met several students with stories of their own. One student in particular, Saad Alatami, was from Kuwait and was so thankful for what the American military had done for his family that he wrote our own Mike Strahle the following letter;

Dear Mike Strahle;

 I am an international student from the nation of Kuwait. As a young boy, I remember the sound of alarms going off when chemical weapons via scud missiles were fired into my country under the orders of Saddam Hussain. The United States military were liberators of our nation during a very dark time in history. We are deeply grateful for what the military did in preserving our nation. 

 Mike thank you for your service and for your willingness to sacrifice on behalf of your own nation and the people who yearn for freedom around the globe. Your service is not unnoticed by many people whom you might never meet. As God has brought me to the United States as an international student, I firmly support you with my prayers and humble appreciation. 

God bless you and God bless the United States of America. 

Saad Alatami







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