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May 20, 2017 4:25 pm Published by



Nervously, I slid the clay sculpture on its plywood base into the back of my son’s truck. Stopping half way, I checked to make sure the head wasn’t falling off. Phew! Glad I checked, it was about to. Just a few miles more…finally, we lifted it onto the mold makers table in Loveland, CO. From the mold maker, it went to the foundry just down the street. Now its a waiting game until I can check to make sure the wax version of Silent Battle looks just like I want it to look, with the head and hands in just the right position. Once its poured in bronze there is no turning back.  I think I’ll be holding my breath for the next 4 months!

Stay tuned for news on the unveiling this fall- we are still working on the details!




I gave the logs one last hug and sadly said goodbye to the beautiful little cabin where the Lima Company Memorial, Eyes of Freedom was born. Never was it so difficult to say goodbye to a little piece of property. But time marches on and now that I live in Colorado and have a new studio in Boulder, I just couldn’t justify it sitting empty any more. Time to let someone else enjoy and care for it. Gratefully, a young man who is a contractor purchased the cabin and will live there and fix it up even more. For those of you who loved the place like I did, I thank you for sharing your hearts and souls with me in that sacred place. It was called “The Artist’s Roost” from 2003-2017.


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